About Swanson Studio

Swanson Studio is an award-winning still and motion photography studio based in Portland, OR.

We capture the focused intention of the beautiful moments in life, sport and culture. We look for the moments that inspire our hearts and minds, the moments that find the athlete in all of us, the moments that entice our imagination for more.


40 years ago, a playful snap of the shutter at the Oregon Coast was the catalyst that ignited Marcus Swanson’s passion for photography. Today, that same adoration for creating stunning imagery is the driving force that keeps his award-winning, Portland-based Swanson Studio inspired.

With an illustrious career that has allowed him to call cities like New York and Tokyo home, Marcus has not only made a lasting mark on the sports photography industry — he’s helped shape it. Blending decades of experience, a passion for athletics, and a naturally inventive nature, the Oregon-born photographer has continued to evolve from stills to cinematography and the world of directing.

Whether looking through the lens at top-tier athletes or teaming up with Nike, Coca-Cola, Wieden + Kennedy, and Starbucks to champion a motion project — Marcus’s creative ethos remains the same: capture the moments that inspire the athlete in all of us to play, persevere, and perform in the pursuit of our dreams.


The moment Tyler Ashlock set foot in Swanson Studio 15 years ago to begin his internship, a fire ignited within; he knew this is where he was meant to be — and he wasn’t going to be sweeping the floors forever, either.

With a hunger for success and a thirst for knowledge, the Portland-native quickly established his role as a foundation of the studio, never settling for average, going above and beyond for the perfect shot, and pushing the limits of possibility.

Today, Tyler’s award-winning portfolio is packed with work featuring high-profile clients and world-class companies. Whether he’s shooting Olympic athletes, international fashion models, or the latest exclusive footwear releases, his work is defined by a handful of qualities: clean, graphic, timeless imagery that captures a story and celebrates the elements of art.


Paul’s approach to photography and life aren’t much different: give it all you’ve got, find the courage to take risks, and follow the path less traveled — a mindset that has brought him around the world, shooting with the biggest names in photography, television, fashion, and athletics.

With roots planted deep in skateboarding and surf culture, capturing the moments that only take a split-second to unfold and diving headfirst into the action all comes naturally to Paul; it’s his instinctive process of total immersion that produces stills and motion loaded with character and the visual firepower to tell stories.

As a stylistic generalist, Paul’s portfolio explores the boundaries of gritty editorial work, classic fashion-forward shoots, and everything in-between. His ever-growing list of clients includes Nike, Nordstrom, H&M, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, and Pendleton.


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