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Raised in a family of educators and an environment of creativity, Marc Tule learned to appreciate art and the beauty of precision early in life. Born in 1968 and raised in rural Pennsylvania, his passion for nature and landscapes began at a young age spending time on the St. Lawrence River. At age 12 on a trip to New York City, Marc shot a series of photos of skyscrapers and the photographer in him emerged.

Marc Tule has worked as a commercial photographer since 1995. After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Marc realized that striking images were defined by lighting. He went on to assist such masters as Greg Gorman and learned the subtleties of light manipulation, thus molding his own style. Marc relocated to Southern California in 1993 and now resides in San Diego, where he opened up his own studio, surrounding himself with a tight knit team of creative professionals.

Among Marc’s body of work is his stunning Latency series. An exercise in the abstract, it is a perfect example of his attention to detail, precision lighting and his vision of the extraordinary in the ordinary. This evocative series of work punctuates his meticulous nature and constant pursuit of perfection.

Marc Tule’s creative energy, mastery of lighting and burning desire for precision brings inanimate objects to life, resulting in sublime photographic impressions and allowing the observer a new perspective on everyday images. Inspired by nature, unique products and his own personal life experiences, Marc’s work is constantly evolving and his portfolio is among the most impressive in the photographic field.

When not in the studio, Marc can be found enjoying the beauty of the desert on his ATV or camping under the stars away from the commotion of the city.

“Working with Marc has been a pleasure. He is creative and incredibly dedicated to delivering beyond your expectations. The other aspect of Marc’s work that makes him a great partner is his collaborative nature, he builds on your ideas and allows you to influence his. We have collaborated in a couple of projects where the outcome was truly an elevated version of what was asked. From the attention of the most minuscule detail to a whole vision of the concept he is one great photographer.”

Luiz Andrade, Creative Director Sony

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