About L&C

Lochner and Carmichael is a collaborative project dedicated to producing outstanding photographic images.

They are Jillian Lochner, who has worked as a commercial photographer for many years on brand campaigns and Andrew Carmichael who trained at Goldsmiths and then the Royal College of Art before working as a fine artist for 10 years.

Working as Lochner and Carmichael they have quickly developed a collaborative way of working. Andrew develops concepts, builds sets, invents contraptions and makes props. Jillian brings her years of photographic knowledge to perfecting the photo-aesthetic side of the work both in the studio and in post-production. Andrew’s strengths are his calm nature, a deep understanding of perspective and composition, and a love for problem solving. There is a healthy tension in the collaboration between Andrew who always wants to experiment more and test new ideas and Jillian, who wants to rein in and complete the project. Andrew’s fascination with the extremes of light, dark and shadows challenge Jillian’s trademark use of a more restricted tonal palette. These tensions in the collaboration help create images that are more than just a sum of the two peoples work.

In the future, they are planning to exhibit some of the props and sets made for the shoots as art installations. In a recent shoot for Amica magazine Andrew reworked and heavily rusted existing chairs then bound and suspended them in space, looking more like a gallery show than a fashion shoot.

Alongside photography and meeting briefs the collaboration also sell concepts. They like to work with the creative team and become involved at the earliest stages of a project, as a partner supplying ideas, rather than just the image maker brought in at the end of the process.

What gives them the most joy is to keep experimenting and find clients who are willing to come along for the ride.

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