About Kate

1.       A storyteller. Always striving to create powerful narrative imagery that connects you to your humanity while paradoxically helping you escape it. When worlds don’t exist, I make them up in Photoshop.

2.   A practical polymath. Full time photographer, artist, art director, lighting tech & retoucher; part time stylist, set designer, location scout, composite artist and producer. I’m not a control freak, I just like to do it all.  Just don’t ask me to do makeup.    

3.       A former engineer. As comfortable with spreadsheets as I am storyboards. Ten years of field tested creative problem solving skills, which tends to come in handy when your grip truck no-shows and you need to jerry rig a light to a tree with some c-clamps and gaffers tape, and six minutes of sunlight left (true story).

4.       An educator. An expert knowledge of color theory (as evidenced by her richly saturated work) makes her a highly sought after instructor and speaker.

5.       A blue belt in jiu jitsu.

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