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Gary’s fascination with photography began early on, as a kid growing up in Virginia Beach. He was inseparable from his camera, mostly shooting his friends skateboarding and surfing. This experience helped Gary hone the ability to capture fast paced action. He eventually moved to Vermont and quickly became one of the most respected photographers in the snowboard industry.

After his first son was born, Gary settled down and began working for Reebok where he developed a signature environmental portrait style shooting athletes for the company’s biggest ad campaigns.

Gary left Reebok in 2006, teamed up with photo representatives John Kenney and Ed Varites, beginning his career as a freelance commercial photographer and director.

Gary Land is known for his unique photographic interpretation and style, ranging from photo journalistic sports to highly stylized advertising. While away from commercial assignments and the studio, he can be found spending time with his family, coaching soccer, building props for his personal shoots, or snapping candids with his Canon G-series point and shoot.

Gary's Nikko Project. The ultimate personal series. www.nikkoproject.com

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I have been a Patriots fan for as long as I can remember and have loved being a part of Pats Nation. Watching our hometown hero go to battle every game with an under average set of tools seemed to be our thing. You see it wasn't about a single player but the collective of players that made up the team. That was the Patriots way. It didn't matter who we had on our roster. We believed in Belichick and the “Next man up" philosophy. As long as Bill and Tom were at the helm, things would turn out fine. Although a Pats fan, I will forever be indebted to Tom Brady and his legacy for making the New England Patriots what they are today. All those years he was here I never once got the chance to work with him, which to me is just crazy. There were a few times that our schedules didn't align on shoots but I always knew it would happen. Well, it finally did although It wouldn' t be the way I thought it would happen. Tom had been traded to Tampa Bay and our country was and still is in the middle of a Pandemic. There were numerous zoom calls with Konvoy and UA discussing how we would pull it off. If felt like every call was left off with a new level of uncertainty. After countless calls and numerous ideas we finally got the green light and Tom was ready to shoot. We jumped in head first and headed out to Tampa when things were at there worst. With a small crew, extensive safety protocol, and Tom's cooperation we managed to pull off this :60 and a handful of stills. The product (The Greatest Tee Ever) was designed by Tom Brady with pliability in mind. A classic Tee shirt that he could wear on and off the field. Made from a multitude of special fibers including beech trees this shirt is a testimate to the quality and performance that Under Armour has established and owned for over a decade. I am proud to have been a part in making this spot and wish Tom nothing but the best in Tampa. Huge shout out to @thekonvoy @jjmillerphotography @markgrassia @chriscucinotto @damnyoukelly @trulydex @maxg_ and @robsbessette for their hard work on this one.

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