About Dan

Dan Escobar is a versatile director and photographer who isinspired by the execution of strong concepts. Whether it’s the pure interactionof composition and light, the staging of stylized portraits, or the creation ofcomplex environments or effects, Dan has been responsible for some of the mostcelebrated, image-driven ads of the last 25 years. His versatility and problemsolving while keeping the process fun make him a client favorite. Dan’s clientsinclude: Netflix, HP, M&Ms, Oracle, and Microsoft to name a few.

His work has been featured in numerous international publications and media. He has worked with some of the best creatives and agencies from New York to Brazil and even in his hometown of San Francisco .

"Dan is a pleasure to work with. He is a true craftsman with an artful eye and an amazing ability to pull things off. His classic style combined with his digital savvy makes him a true standout from other photographers. If you were to crossbreed MacGyver for his craftiness with Abe Lincoln for his trustworthiness with Shirley Temple for her singing and dancing ability, you’d end up with Dan Escobar."

-Steve Mapp

Creative Director/Director

"For all the years he spent in college studying photography, he could have been a doctor."

-Laura Escobar/Wife

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