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In the most basic terms, I click a button to capture a split second in time. In a more complex way, I am a highly detail oriented and technical photographer with a fanatical approach to composition, color, execution and technique. Be it capturing the jumpers of Vanuatu Islands, a car shoot for Aston Martin Logonda or the latest Nike Kobe shoes, I am relying on over 18 years of photography experience to creatively problem solve real time issues and meticulously execute the vision of the client in the highest resolution possible, on time and on budget. As an ambassador to Phase One cameras, I am creating my work on the world’s most advanced camera system, with 151 mega pixels at my disposal to tell a story with each image produced.

When not on a client shoot, I can be found in my custom built studio working on multiple projects in different stages of production and experimentation. Coming up with concepts for a shoot is one of my favorite and most rewarding things to do. Trying to envision something different, that maybe has not been done before, repeatedly testing it and finding solutions to complicated technical problems allows me to stay creatively sharp and continue to produce exclusively unique campaigns for my clients. I live in Los Angeles with my wife Susan and our 2 cats - Foo and Smash.

I am a proud Ambassador and Field Instructor to Phase One Cameras, as well as a Global Brand Ambassador to Eizo Monitors, G-Technology and f-Stop for which I am the host for their webinars- f-Stop Gear Webinars (Knowledge Labs).

Favorite Country to Visit: Iceland | Favorite Music Band: The Smashing Pumpkins | Ultimate Dinner Guest: Sir David Attenborough | Most Unique Place I Have Ever Been To: CERN Particle Collider | Boyhood Fantasy Car: McLaren F1 | Favorite Childhood Cartoon: He-Man | Secret Crush: Kate Bekinsale | Guilty Food Pleasure: In-n-Out Burger | Best City In The World: New York City | Biggest Pet Peeve: Dishonesty | Favorite Football Team: Arsenal FC


Aston Martin, McLaren Automotive, Four Seasons Hotels, National Geographic, Nike, Richard Mille, Bing.com, G-Technology, Eizo Monitors, Mercedez-Benz, Alpa of Switzerland, Everclear Band, Howie Mandel, The Weather Channel, Singh-Ray Filters, Hoya Filters, Soraa Lights, Hoya Filters, Icelandic Glacial Water, Great Dane, Helicon Focus.


National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Forbes, ShutterBug Magazine, PDN, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, Business Insider, The Weather Channel, Readers Digest.


The Getty Center, Annenberg Center for Photography, Duncan Miller Gallery, G2 Gallery, Four Seasons Hotel (Shanghai), 825 Gallery, BG Gallery, Las Laguna Gallery, Keystone Gallery.

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